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The Great Cliffe
Subterranean Duck Race

Sunday 21st May 12 noon

'Cliffe Community Fundraising Group' 

are holding their very first duck race, lots of fun for all the family!

Duck Race.jpg

Will your duck make it through?

Racing Duck Runners and Form


01.  Donald Duck - Comes from a strong stable with Huey Dewey and Louie.

02.  Daffy Duck - Can get very agitated on race day which spoils his chances.

03.  Pekin Duck - A saucy little filly.

04.  Drake - Has a strong following with the race goers. Very successful.

05.  Waddles - Likes wet conditions and could do well.

06.  James Pond - Likes to be shaken to get the best from him.

07.  Bill - Well up the pecking order. Could be a contender for a finish.

08.  Downy - A bit soft in this company but might surprise the bookies.

09.  Bubbles - An all rounder.

10.  Mallory - Has a good racing pedigree.

11.  Puddles - Prefers the wet ground.

12.  Dewey - From the Donald blood line. Always has a chance.

13.  Mrs Featherby - Usually plucked by the final ferlong.

14.  Vanderquack - Dutch stable. Good on the flat.

15.  Firequacker - Twisted Firequacker.

16.  Moby Duck - A grey and carrying a bit of weight.

17.  Quackerjack - Won't finish til Friday at 5 to 5.

18.  Duck Norris - All action.

19.  Little Fluffs - Water runs off its back. Not favoured by the bookies.

20.  L'orange - French Stable. Bit rich for this race.

21.  Huey - From the Donald blood line. Well thought of.

22.  Wiggles - Comes back from injury. Outside chance.

23.  Featherbrain - Clueless and will struggle to finish.

24.  Webbo - Light on its feet.

25.  Ducky Egg - Tends to scramble to the finish line.

26.  Quack Sparrow - A little Treasure.

27.  Jacobs Quackers - Can crumble towards the finish.

28.  Eggbert - Runs well.

29.  Mallard - Goes like a train. Bookies favourite.

30.  Quackie Chan - Bit of a show off. Could surprise a few.

31.  Splash - Can raise a few eyebrows.

32.  Ice Road Duckers - Snow chance.

33.  Decoy - Not all he seems.

34.  Stainless Teal - Strong and looks good.

35.  The Duck of Hazzard - Fast and plenty of horsepower.

36.  The Grand Old Duck of York - Local and on its home turf.

37.  Featherbed - Needs to be woken up to have a chance.

38.  Ducky Dabbles - High odds for a reason. Not favoured by the bookies.

39.  Ducky Bag - May surprise a few.

40.  Down On Your Duck - Keep your money in your pocket.

41.  Can't Duck Won't Duck - A tasty little filly with a chance.

42.  Duckleberry Fin - American Stable.

43.  The Duckle Brother - To me to you!

44.  Where There's Duck There's Money - Expected to make top three.

45.  Quacker Oats - Starts well, but doesn't last.

46.  Earth Quack - A shaky race history, Can be all over the place.

47.  Duckbilledplatypus - Can't make its mind up

48.  Swany - A bit above its station but is liked by the Royals.

49.  Sitting Duck - No chance, an absolute outsider.

50.  Motherducker - Not liked but can raise an eyebrow.

51.  Too Many Ducks Spoil the Broth - Likes to go out on his own.

52.  Count Duckula - Popular but getting on a bit.

53.  Quack In A Box - Good over the jumps.

54.  Bobba - Might win by a head.

55.  Flappa - Gets excited but could do well if calm.

56.  Pork Quackling - Tasty option.

57.  Nutquacker - Gelding.

58.  Quack The Whip - Responds to the crop but needs a safe word.

59.  Quackermole - Form has dipped recently.

60.  Chewquacca - From a Galaxy far far away.

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