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Cliffe Parish Charity & 

Cliffe Relief in Need Charity


These two charities operate as a combined charity to provide benefit to village organisations and qualifying individuals within the parish of Cliffe.

Village Organisations


Cliffe Parish Charity offers assistance and financial support to village organisations providing facilities that are otherwise not funded out of rates or other public funds. Our aim is to encourage a cohesive, enjoyable and enhanced village life.

We have made annual donations to Cliffe Village Institute, Cliffe Playing Fields and the recently formed Cliffe Brownies.




Cliffe Relief in Need Charity offers financial assistance to those people who live in the parish of Cliffe, live on their own, are elderly and who are in need. The charity seeks out beneficiaries by the use of local knowledge and requests for assistance from the elderly in general. We make annual donations of around £25 per beneficiary, usually in early December. 


If you would like to suggest any qualifying elderly person who might benefit from financial assistance, please get in touch by contacting Denis Hails on 01757 638265.


For further details, please follow the links or explore Cliffe Village website which sets out the history of the Parish and features both these and other village charities. 

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