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Cliffe Bus Timetable

As you may be aware, the Arriva bus service from Cliffe to Selby was withdrawn in September.

The Parish Councils of Hemingbrough, Cliffe and Osgodby/Barlby consulted with Arriva, and agreed to fund a basic service on a 3-month trial basis.

In addition to Arriva's service, Thornes Independant also run a Monday - Friday service, with an additional Monday and Friday ONLY route diverted from Holme on Spalding Moor.

In an attempt to make the bus times clearer, a consolidated timetable has been produced.

Note:- Service 4 is being run as a trial until January 3rd.

If there are insufficient passengers during this time, the service will be withdrawn!

Download a PDF version of the timetable to print out. (Click the link below)

Bus Timetable
Download PDF • 108KB

Selby - Cliffe - Hemingbrough Bus Timetable



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