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Local Plan Development Consultations

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

You may have heard about the development plans for the district, including Cliffe...below is a communication sent out by Selby District Council.

You are encouraged to take a look at the plans and provide your feedback to Selby District Council - your comments and feedback will be taken into consideration.


Selby District Council is asking people to get involved in ambitious long-term plans about new homes, business growth and local services such as schools. It’s part of the development of a new Local Plan. This will set a framework for future development in the district up to 2040. It’ll be used by the Council to guide decisions on planning applications and to support work with developers.

The consultation is taking place now, until 12 March. Residents, businesses and community groups can get involved by visiting Following the consultation exercise the comments received will inform the final version of the plan which will be subject to further consultation before it is sent to the Secretary of State when it will be subject to examination by an independent inspector.


Follow the link for the interactive map and proposed sites here.

The map can include the rejected sites by clicking on the 'layer' option in the top-right corner of the page.

Follow the link for the application details of the proposed sites here.

You will need to scroll down to page 261 for the proposed site for 19 dwellings.

Scroll down to page 275 for the proposed site for 77 dwellings.

Registering your comments can be a little tricky - you need to register on this page, then hit the 'GO TO EVENT' tab and read through/scroll down to Cliffe, you can then comment on each of the proposed sites.

Alternatively you can send an email with your comments to

which may well be the easiest option?

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1 comentario

02 mar 2021

Thanks Jon, this is very helpful, we'll take a look. The two sites appear to be south of the Hull Road on or near Main Street. Richard

Me gusta
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