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New Recycling Service

Seeing the amount of bins that were left out this morning suggests that there is a little bit of confusion regarding what is happening with the new refuse collection - hopefully this will clarify things a little...

The new collection day for Cliffe is Thursday!

-The first collection is on April 2nd will be for Household Refuse ONLY (the grey bin).

-The week after, April 9th, will be Glass/Cans/Plastic (the blue bin) & Garden Waste (the green bin).

-Then on April 16th Household Refuse again (the grey bin).

-And then on April 23rd it's Paper/Card (the brown bin) & Garden Waste (the green bin).

Then it repeats the sequence - simples!

The following communication was sent out by Selby District Council...

The new recycling collection scheme in our district starts next week. It means the whole of the district will have refuse bins collected next week [Week Commencing 30 March] – not recycling wheelie bins. Recycling will be collected the following week, from the new blue and brown wheelie bins. Some collection days are also changing.

We’d like your help to make sure residents put out the right bins. Collection information can be found on our website:

Please share this website link with your community contacts, on any websites you have and with any community groups. There are Facebook posts about the service changes on our Facebook page - @selbydc. Please feel free to share these too.

Due to the current coronavirus emergency situation the plans for the old recycling box take back scheme is currently on hold. We’re sorry if this causes an inconvenience but we are prioritising waste and recycling collections at this time.

Some residents may have requested larger or smaller bins. This swap out may take place later in the year now, as we redeploy staff to keep the frontline collection services running.


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