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Posterngate branch surgery in Hemingbrough - Important Update

The following update has been provided by Hemingbrough Parish Council's Branch Working Group...

The Primary Care Commissioning board of the Vale of York Care Commissioning Group have taken an important decision about the Posterngate branch surgery at Hemingbrough.

There is bad news and good news.

The bad news is that the existing surgery building must close because it is unsafe. Our contact at the CCG explained it like this:-

"In view of the risks that have been identified by the Posterngate GP practice and the Vale of York CCG regarding the Hemingbrough branch site's suitability as a modern, safe and compliant clinical setting, the Primary Care Commissioning Committee (CCG) has recommended to support Posterngate's Surgery proposal to close our Hemingbrough branch site and relocate services to Posterngate's main site in Selby."


The CCG praised the Parish Council's report and have acknowledged that we made a good case for recognising the transport difficulties faced by vulnerable groups. They have therefore recommended that there be further exploration around the development of new, fit-for-purpose premises.

The Primary Care Commissioning Group has recommended and authorised an "options appraisal and feasibility study" by the CCG to explore a potential new build/development in the future.

We have also received assurance that the CCG will ask Posterngate GP practice to commit to conditions upon which a home visit will be offered to vulnerable patients in Hemingbrough, Cliffe and surrounding villages.

The CCG have also asked that patient/volunteer transport options are explored by the Practice and CCG, including potential funding of a taxi service, supporting pharmacy delivery costs and agreeing/specifying an enhanced home visiting service.

So, if Hemingbrough, Cliffe and South Duffield residents get behind this and help us make it happen, a brand-new surgery building is a possibility.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far by delivering leaflets and writing letters etc.


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