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Posterngate Surgery Patient Transport Update

Please see below an update provided by Hemingbrough Parish Council regarding patient transport for those registered with the Posterngate Surgery...

It has been confirmed by NHS Humber & North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board that a NHS funded patient transport scheme for patients registered with Posterngate Surgery pre 1st April 2022 is NOW available for eligible patients.

This will include those patients who, at the time of the request, have a disability, mobility issue, mental health condition or financial issue which results in them not being able to use public transport.

Posterngate Surgery Practice will have responsibility for managing this and should be contacted first. When Posterngate Surgery confirms a patient is eligible for fully funded transport for a specific appointment, they will contact Selby AVS to confirm and Selby AVS will then make arrangements directly with you, the patient.

This transport arrangement has to be made 3 working days or more in advance of the medical appointment, which must take place between 8am and 4pm (AVS working hours).

Following the decision to close the Posterngate branch surgery based in Hemingbrough, the Hemingbrough Parish Council working group has fought hard on your behalf for this concession for Posterngate patients deemed to be vulnerable in our community.

The Hemingbrough Parish Council working group would politely urge all those patients registered with Posterngate surgery, if you believe you meet the eligibility criteria, to apply for and use this fully funded (ie FREE) transport service.


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