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Speed Survey at Lund

A few months ago, the Parish Council received comments from residents at Lund regarding concerns that cars were speeding on that section of the A63.

The Parish Council commissioned a speed survey, which was carried out over 10 days from the end of November into the beginning of December.

The results that came back indicated that there was NOT a problem with cars speeding, the condensed results are shown in the table below...

The 85th percentile is the figure that the highways authorities look at to determine speeding issues, this number (averaged over the 10 days) was 55.97mph.

There are obviously individuals who DO speed along this stretch of road, but unless the road becomes an accident black-spot, there is little to nothing that the Parish Council can do regarding requesting traffic-calming measures.

The Parish Council ARE aware that the footpath from Lund into Cliffe is getting very narrow and this will hopefully be addressed in the next couple of months.



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