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New Recycling Service - Coming Soon...

There has been a lot of talk on social media regarding the new recycling scheme that Selby District Council are introducing.

Please read the following statement from Cliffe Parish Council which will hopefully clarify exactly what is happening...

Selby District Council Recycling Service Changes

The way that recycling is collected in the Selby district is changing with a move to a new wheelie bin system.

Starting next week (wk. beginning 27/01) there will be a ten week delivery programme to enable 80,000 new bins to be delivered to 40,000 properties across the Selby district, before the new collections begin at the end of March/beginning of April.

The new blue wheelie bin is for glass, cans and plastic and the new brown one is for paper and cardboard.

There is no change to the type of recycling collected by Selby District Council, just a change to the containers the recycling goes in. The new wheelie bins offer more room for residents to recycle more of their waste.

Recycling in the Selby district will still be collected every two weeks but will alternate between collecting the refuse and recycling bins for example:-

Week 1 – Grey refuse bin collection

Week 2 - Brown bin (paper & cardboard) collection

Week 3 – Grey refuse bin

Week 4 – Blue bin (glass, cans and plastic) collection

Green waste collections will continue to take place every fortnight.

Some collection days might change due to a review of the collection rounds to make sure they are as efficient as possible.

An information pack and full collection calendar will be delivered by Selby District Council to every home in the district.


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