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The Village Institute, and a few more pictures...

I've added several more pictures to the photo gallery of the 'Archive' section of the website...

Including some more old street scenes and some sports day pictures from the 1960's.

If anyone knows any of the missing names on any pictures - please get in touch!

I've also added an article in the 'What's the Story' section of the 'Archive', detailing the history of the village Institute, written by Jane Kelly in 1988.

The Village Institute is an important asset for the community. The committee are in need of new members, this is vital to keep this facility up and running. They are especially after some younger members (the current committee are all pensioners), so if you can spare a little time to help out on the committee, your enthusiasm would be most appreciated!

Hull Road, Cliffe.
Hull Road - before the invention of pavements!

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